Springtime! Update!

April 8, 2007

Hey Guys! Well, I know it’s been a while since I talked to you last, but not to worry, I’m here now. And I will sing you a lullaby, so don’t cry anymore. Everything is going to be alright.

I just got out of band practice and it went amazing! We were all having so much fun and I felt like we were giving a great performance. Today, we were talking about how some bands get on stage and they act SO SERIOUS the entire time… I guess that can work for metal or emo bands or a certain artist, but we like to make people laugh and have fun. That what we want to bring to our fans.

The Month of Giving

You may have seen a banner up about “The Month of Giving” from Dominique Vouk & The Sexy Band, or noticed that most of our shows coming up are fundraisers for charities. If you haven’t heard, I’m going to fill you in. Starting April 12th, we’re going to have as many shows as we can, aimed at raising funds for worthy causes for a month. Right now, we have 5 lined up and that number seems to keep growing rapidly. Now that I’ve told you WHAT it is… Maybe I could tell you a bit about WHY it is. How I look at it is that, I have a roof over my head, food to eat, I am healthy, my body functions properly, I have a family, I have friends, and my life consists of doing my passion; MUSIC! I’m so fortunate, so it makes me feel so good when I can make someone else feel like they are fortunate too, because of the actions I took.

This is the ad. Click it to go to my calendar and join us in the giving!

I’m asking you to come join me in contributing to these great efforts. Together, we can begin change the world. At every show that you come to, you will help change someone’s life for the better. If you don’t live in Florida, (where the shows will be taking place) be there in spirit by continuing to support our music and the charities that we support.

Operation Smile

One event that specifically means a lot to me is The Operation Smile Benefit Concert. If you’ve never heard of Operation Smile, it’s an organization that raises funds to give surgeries to kids born with facial deformities and cleft palates. I guess this one really hit home for me being my little cousin Alex was born with a cleft lip and palate and luckily he was able to get the surgery he needed, but if he was in another country and his parents didn’t have enough money, that may have been something he would have to live with for his entire life and it would probably affect his speech, eating habits, confidence and self-esteem.

The fact that the concert we’re putting on with The Drive Home & Tommy Dalton can raise over $6000 dollars from ticket sales for Operation Smile and provide 25 successful surgeries to 25 different kids around the world is quite remarkable. So be a part of this & get your tickets today!

Inspired by Givers

Two Givers who I really admire in my life are my grade 8 english teacher Syd Korsunsky & my grade 10 english teacher Alicia Sloane. They both made such a difference in my life and gave so much to me in my teen years, which was a very emotional and confusing time for me. Syd inspired me to love books & work for hours on end at my own creative writing, which kept me out of trouble and improved my songwriting skills. Alicia treated me like I was intelligent and important. I felt like she cared about what I had to say and she supported my passion for music by letting me incorporate it, into my school projects. They both made school such a creative place and I think that it’s really important to have a place for creativity in schools, because at the low points of my life, art is what kept me going and I think it has done the same for a lot of people in the world. Another show we have this month is called Race For The Arts, and it’s to raise money for art supplies and programs in schools. I believe that art and creativity are crucial to a child’s emotional health & intelligence and Race For The Arts is making sure that kids have this outlet.



What’s Up!

March 1, 2007

So hmm… What’s up? Ok. Well, I have another show coming up in South Beach at Jazid, which will be a blast. Of course that means I’ll be staying up until at least 5am and sleeping until 2pm the next day. lol. Ahh… the life of a musician. I would love to see you there if you’re in the Miami area.

My mom and her husband John are coming to Florida to visit me from Canada on March 9th!!! I’m so excited. I miss my mama so much, and she’s the best cook in the world. Also her husband plays guitar, so it’s nice to have music in common with him. I’m sure we’re going to go to the beach a lot and eat a lot of good dinners.

My 12 year old brother Dillon and 10 year old sister Dayna are jealous that they’re not coming for the trip, but fortunately they get the best babysitter ever; Lyndsey. Lyndsey is my 21 year old brother Dustin’s girlfriend. She’s really nice, and during my last trip to Canada we did some sister to sister bonding. She also held my hair back as I vomited into somebody’s plastic top-hat on new years, which always proves a good friend. lol. That night, for some reason, I thought that her giving me a piggy back was a really good idea. Turns out, it wasn’t.

I went to acting class last night and it was amazing. Marc Durso is a great teacher and if you’re reading this, interested in being an actor/actress and you live in Florida, check out his website and sign up for a 6-week session: http://www.ActTrue.com

By the way, my Debut CD is available here at my website. Your support makes this possible!

I’ll talk to you guys later! Much love, and thanks for checking out my Blog!

Keep following your dreams! I wish the best to each and every one of you in 2007!

Peace & Love,
Dominique Vouk

BTW, Vouk rhymes with Coke… If you were ever wondering how to pronounce it.

Big News!!!

February 1, 2007

So big news! I’ve finally finalized my touring band!!! They are so talented and we have so much fun together. They are: Marc Solomon on Guitar, Corey Duke on Drums and Kevin Johnson playing Bass Guitar. I can’t wait for all you fans to meet them! And don’t worry… you will!

My band and I went to go and see the band “Live” the other night at “Revolution” in Fort Lauderdale. It was an awesome show and I really admired the lead singer Ed. He has a great stage presence and really gets the crowd engaged in his performances. That is my goal as a performer and by watching other artist’s strengths and weaknesses, I find ways to improve my own skills.

If you’ve never heard of Live they’re a great band. Check them out at www.friendsoflive.com

So 2007 is here and has been for a month… It’s kind of hard to believe. 2006 went by so fast. This year is going to be a big year for me, my band and PIVOT Records with us doing tons of shows all over Florida. Our shows are really fun, interactive with the audience and conceptual to each song. That’s what you can expect when you come to a Dominique Vouk show!

Something that’s also coming up on the horizon that’s very exciting is that we, meaning (ZE BAND, Manager Gary Bosko, Film-Maker Eric Phillips, Me and 20 Buses filled with people with a common destination) will be going to Washington D.C. There, on March 17th, we will be supporting the troops getting out of Iraq, by protesting the war.

Some of you may be surprised, excited or even upset, to hear that I have a political side, but I do. The reason that I’m getting involved in this is because I want to see peace in the world. I may not know much about the history of politics… What happened when and to whom? I can’t list off our past presidents chronologically or tell you what was on the front page of today’s paper… But I’m smart enough to know that we are involved in an unjust war with Iraq, over oil, not freedom. And I don’t have to be intelligent to want people to live in peace together on earth, all that takes is heart.

So to get my feelings out there on this topic, I wrote a song called “The World Can’t Wait.” I found out about an organization called “World Can’t Wait” and their slogan, just really rang true for me. The world can’t wait. We’re running out of time. We need to take action or things are going to get really bad.

You can find lyrics to my new song in the MUSIC section of my website.

Please check out “World Can’t Wait” if you want to know what they’re up to at www.worldcantwait.org

Well again, I wish everyone a happy 2007! To all my fans, friends & family! Without you guys, music wouldn’t be so fun, because I love playing it for you.

I’m outa here for today… I’m exhausted. This is probably a good thing. It’s a tell-tale sign of working hard. lol.



December 9, 2006

Okay, soooooo… I’m getting pretty pumped about the Winterfest Boat Parade show. First of all, now we’re playing on the 160 foot Coast Guard Boat. Second of all, I think we’re going to be on national television. Third of all, my dad is going to get to see me play on the boat because he’ll be in Miami on December 16th!!! And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, YOU’RE ALL INVITED. For more information click: shows.

So I saw the movie “Click” a few days ago. I had heard mixed reviews on it, but when I finally watched it, it turned out to be really amazing. I cried in parts of the movie, which is rare for an Adam Sandler movie, but I think it had a really good message about how important it is to live for today, rather than living for the next material possession we may want.

Since we talked last, I went to the “All American Rejects” concert with my bass player Casey and his sister Kelly. It was such a fun night. On the way there, we managed to see an entire car on fire, which was breathtakingly cool, but only because nobody was in it.

Then when we got there we realized our seats were on the floor, so we pushed and shoved our way to the front. I am claustrophobic, so I was pretty much having a panic attack the entire time. The highlight of the night for me was when I got so surrounded I had to get out of the crowd, so I was saying excuse me and walking all the way to the back of the room. Just when I thought I escaped the crowd, the lead singer and the guitar player appeared on a smaller stage, right where I was, to perform an acoustic song together. Everybody who I was trying to escape started running to the stage to try to get a good seat, and I was once again trapped. But it was okay, because I felt psychic for knowing that the band was going to go there.
A week later, Casey invited me to another concert because he’s so nice and awesome and this time it was a little band named AEROSMITH. I’m such a loser for not going, I know. But I was as sick as a dog, and I had to perform the day after, so I wasn’t going to risk, not being 100% for my loyal fans like you.

I’m going to Winnipeg, Canada on Christmas Eve to celebrate the holidays with my family. I am pretty excited about that. I went Christmas shopping on Black Friday and got some good dealz!

OKAY! You must watch this video.
One of SNL’s finer moments:


Back in the USA!

November 7, 2006

I just got home from a trip to Winnipeg, Canada. (My hometown) My grandfather passed away about a month ago, so I got to spend lots of time with my grandma and family, which was needed. My grandma and grandpa (I call them Nanny and Papa) were happily married for 49 years, so this has been a big loss for my Nanny and many people because it was such a shock. He was only 69. He wasn’t sick. While he was golfing, having a lovely Saturday afternoon with his son, his heart just stopped. He was a kind, gentle and a compassionate man and he will be remembered and missed by all who knew him. It’s no surprise that there were 500 people at his funeral.

On a lighter note, we had many laughs, good times and scrumtrulescent* meals. My mom is somewhat of a gourmet chef, so she made us spaghetti, pizza… mmm. You know, all the Italian essentials.

I’m 25% Italian, 25% English, 50% German and I guess 100% Canadian? I still don’t understand if Canadian is a nationality or if where your ancestors come from is your nationality. Well until I find out, I guess that makes me 200% human. Sweet!

2 weeks ago I started a cleanse that is supposedly supposed to take the toxins out of my organs and make me healthier. I feel like I have much more energy, so that’s good. To all those who are cleansing… I salute you. lol.

If you are interested in cleansing or would like more info go to:

Last night I went to acting class and it was so refreshing and inspiring. It reminded me of how I want to continually to work on my skill of evoking emotion and transformation out of an audience. I use the acting techniques I learn in class in every performance I do. Marc Durso (my teacher) is a brilliant, intense, revolutionary man.

Check out his website:
And… if you live in South Florida CHECK OUT HIS CLASS! It’s the bomb.

Very Exciting News! I’m on the cover of US Artists Magazine for their October/November Issue. US Artists Magazine is a local magazine that showcases visual and musical artists, and upcoming art events in the area. Totally up my alley!

To subscribe for free go to:

Books I’m Reading

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold.

Fourteen year old Susie Salmon is adjusting to her new home in heaven as she watches her family unravel the mystery and deal with the grief of her death. This book is told in such an interesting perspective… I am usually a very picky person when it comes to books, but once in a while, I get captured and I can’t stop reading. That was the case for this one.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Writing A Novel by Tom Monteleone.

I think that I have a novel inside of me waiting to be written… but I need a little coaching so I found this book. It’s actually very useful for getting the creative juices flowing.


Dominique Vouk

*Scrumtrulescent is what James Lipton (played by Will Ferrell) from Inside the Actors Studio on Saturday Night Live refers to something with, when it is too great, or wonderful to put into words. (In this case, me referring to my mama’s home cookin’.)