December 9, 2006

Okay, soooooo… I’m getting pretty pumped about the Winterfest Boat Parade show. First of all, now we’re playing on the 160 foot Coast Guard Boat. Second of all, I think we’re going to be on national television. Third of all, my dad is going to get to see me play on the boat because he’ll be in Miami on December 16th!!! And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, YOU’RE ALL INVITED. For more information click: shows.

So I saw the movie “Click” a few days ago. I had heard mixed reviews on it, but when I finally watched it, it turned out to be really amazing. I cried in parts of the movie, which is rare for an Adam Sandler movie, but I think it had a really good message about how important it is to live for today, rather than living for the next material possession we may want.

Since we talked last, I went to the “All American Rejects” concert with my bass player Casey and his sister Kelly. It was such a fun night. On the way there, we managed to see an entire car on fire, which was breathtakingly cool, but only because nobody was in it.

Then when we got there we realized our seats were on the floor, so we pushed and shoved our way to the front. I am claustrophobic, so I was pretty much having a panic attack the entire time. The highlight of the night for me was when I got so surrounded I had to get out of the crowd, so I was saying excuse me and walking all the way to the back of the room. Just when I thought I escaped the crowd, the lead singer and the guitar player appeared on a smaller stage, right where I was, to perform an acoustic song together. Everybody who I was trying to escape started running to the stage to try to get a good seat, and I was once again trapped. But it was okay, because I felt psychic for knowing that the band was going to go there.
A week later, Casey invited me to another concert because he’s so nice and awesome and this time it was a little band named AEROSMITH. I’m such a loser for not going, I know. But I was as sick as a dog, and I had to perform the day after, so I wasn’t going to risk, not being 100% for my loyal fans like you.

I’m going to Winnipeg, Canada on Christmas Eve to celebrate the holidays with my family. I am pretty excited about that. I went Christmas shopping on Black Friday and got some good dealz!

OKAY! You must watch this video.
One of SNL’s finer moments: