Why is this girl on stage singing in a straight jacket??

Singer/Songwriter Dominique Vouk struggles with the straight jacket as the words “Uncover Me” flow from her mouth. Again, she tugs at the buckles. Painted on the canvas are stereotypes: ‘Chick-Singer, Pretty face, Shallow and Hottie.’ No she isn’t in a mental institution. She’s on stage. Her performances bring an audience to their feet- free to feel alive.

Dominique laces her songs with persuasive pop/rock ‘sing-a-long’ melodies and lyrics with whimsical temptations and startling truths. Her message centers on her song Perfect as We Are in which she declares “You gotta love you for who you are… not buy into what others tell you that you should weigh, the clothes you should wear and be proud of who you are. ALL babies are born perfect. Why not accept each other as perfect too?”

The result is a meld of songs with a pulse on life. Her first original CD is a liberating glance at life the through the eyes of this precocious young woman. With a unique blend of retro synth stylings, compliments of Doug Emery (Kelly Clarkson, Barbara Streisand) and the hypnotic guitars of Dan Warner (Christina Aguilera, Shakira, Celine Dion) it compels us to move. Her production team also collaborated with Grammy Award winning Engineer Eric Shilling to complete the mixes.

How far will you go?

Dominique wrote her first song at nine. Called What’s the World Coming To, it implored people to make a difference in the world. As she matured she discovered that talking about making a difference was not enough: she needed to walk the walk. At fifteen, with nothing more than a journal of lyrics and melodies, she decided that her music was her future. She left her home in Canada to pursue her passion for music in the U.S.A.

While she has given her time and talent to local and national charities and concerns, she is also vocal about issues on a global scale. Lead the Way, written for Rotary International, reminds us we are stewards of our planet and its environment, and The World Can’t Wait demands that we find a new course to steer our way through turbulent times.

Combine her art with her passion and you wind up with a girl who will change the world. She’ll convince you that music, drama, and laughter do make a difference.


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